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Nail Ideas: Ladybug Nails!

Good morning! I hope your week has been well so far! I've been nursing a flu bug for the past few days - right after I had a small bout of food poisoning. urgh. :~

Anyway, here's my winning entry for @brummingbird's dotting contest on Instagram! It's the first time I've won any nail art competition so you can imagine how happy I was! :e If you are interested in joining these competitions or looking for nail art inspirations, I highly recommend you to join the IG polish community - some of the girls have really nice nails and are really creative! You can find me @thepolishwell :h

This was actually a last minute entry (literally the night before the competition ended) because I was feeling strangely uninspired for a long time. While mucking around the house and watching random children programmes with the kids (they are having school holidays now), I saw the host wearing this really cute T-shirt design with some ladybug prints on the shoulders. Naturally, I had to do it for my nails! ;)

The biggest dots were done using a bobby pin while the smaller dots were done using a toothpick and a pin.

What do you think of this?

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